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Tesuco Telecommunications focuses on servicing the needs of telecommunication service providers in Africa, as they strive to fulfil their mandates to roll-out GSM, microwave and V-Sat infrastructure.

We maintain a policy of collaborative product development with key customers in our principal markets and work with strategic partners around the world in order to continuously develop innovative technologies.

Tesuco Telecommunications invests in the continuous improvement of its processes and products through research, development and technology advancement.



Our strategic direction is supported by three main objectives:

  1. The best supplier to the best customers
    Differentiating the Tesuco Telecommunications’ product and service offering through unique process capabilities, innovation and technical expertise ensures the total package offers added value at each point of customer interaction.
  2. World-class standards
    By driving constant improvement through world-class performance levels and identifying, sharing and standardising best practices within the market sector it serves, Tesuco Telecommunications facilitates the constant pursuit of new technologies and methods to optimise site design and construction, ultimately leading to higher levels of product and service standards for the customer.
  3. Selective growth
    Our pursuit of targeted, value-creating growth opportunities both within and outside the African continent emphasises our clear vision of the future.


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