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Tesuco Telecommunication have been award the first 40 meter complete solar sites being commissioned by the Communications Regulator Of Mozambique. The project involves the delivery of a complete turnkey service in the most remote areas of Mozambique previously considered too rural for telecommunication access. The project is programmed to last seven months and will address the last mile concerns currently being faced by both Vodacm and Mcel for the regions identified.   06 September 2011

Tesuco Telecommunication has commenced with the field trial of our Tesuco-Hygen variable speed generator. The unit has the ability to save up to 60% fuel when compared to conventional run generators sites. The system has the ability to operate on one or two or three phases (current will be drawn from a grid according to load demand up to the current carrying capacity of supply cables or of a supply transformer); it incorporates an electrical grid interface module and the capability to manage electrical energy flow from the electrical grid or a generator according to power demand conditions and it has two independent and galvanically isolated outputs, by way of example 5 kW at 24 VDC and 10 kW at 48 VDC, which are provided by regulated high frequency transformers and rectifiers. The power electronics can control up to four Generators in parallel for increased capacity or redundancy. 02 September 2011

Tesuco Telecommunication commences a Proof Of Concept Trial (POC) with Airtel Zambia where the complete Rapid Deployment Site (RDS) is delivered and fully erected with fourteen days from delivery on site compared to conventional sites which take Thirty to Fourty Five days. The RDS system is ideal for Rural areas as well as areas where the ground conditions are not ideal for conventional built towers. The RDS comes as a complete site in two 20 foot containers that can easily be retrofitted into a commercial areas for our clients once completed. 16 August 2011

The Tesuco Group are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as official distributors by SANYO for all photovoltaic panels for Africa. 02 April 2011

Tesuco Telecommunication have been awarded MTC’s latest solar and wind expansion to occur over the next two months. The project involves the rapid deployment of teams to locations only accessible via helicopter lift and as such MTC’s have opted to utilise Tesuco Telecommunication where quality and precision are guaranteed. 30 November 2010

Tesuco Telecommunications wins MTC Namibia contract 15 October 2010
Despite fierce competition from numerous service providers, Tesuco Telecommunications was officially awarded the full infrastructure maintenance contract for Make The Connection (MTC) Namibia on 1 October 2010. The company’s team of infrastructure optimisation specialists has commenced with initial OPEX optimisation assessments. Once accepted by MTC, these will help to achieve substantial savings on the company’s monthly OPEX.

SABS awards ISO 9001:2008 certification 7 October 2010
Tesuco Telecommunication has received an ISO 9001:2008 certification by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), confirming the outstanding quality of the company’s complete turnkey telecommunication solutions, which incorporate the design and development, manufacturing and installation of all forms of telecommunication stations.

Tesuco Telecommunications also provides comprehensive maintenance of all telecommunication infrastructure and radio frequency equipment.

The awarding of the ISO 9001:2008 certification was the culmination of a 12-month internal review process, during which all internal controls and processes where reviewed and made fit for purpose, to ensure the company always delivers excellent quality solutions, on time to all clients.


Global Mobile Awards 2010 winner 5 March 2010
Group members M.D.E and Tesuco Telecommunications, together with their major mobile telecommunications client, Mozambique Cellular (Mcel) were nominated as industry leaders in the categories of ‘Best use of mobile for social and economic development’ and ‘Best green network’ for this year’s Global Mobile Awards, held by the Global Mobile Association (GSMA). Winner of the 2010 GSMA Global Green Network award, Mcel was presented with the award at a recent Global Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

For more information, click on the links below.

Mcel client shortlisted for GSMA awards 1 February 2010
Both of the submissions detailed below, made by Tesuco Telecommunications on behalf of its client Mozambique Cellular (Mcel), have been shortlisted for the 2010 Global Mobile Awards, held by the Global Mobile Association (GSMA).

Best use of mobile for social and economic development
Mcel estou ligado/Mcel – I am connected (Joint entry by Mcel, Moçambique Diesel-Elèctrica and Tesuco Telecommunications, South Africa)

Mcel, supported by its technology partners, Diesel-Elèctrica and Tesuco Telecommunications, is proud to be a pioneer in bridging the digital divide in the remotest locations across Mozambique through the provision of self-sustainable Internet connectivity.

In a country that ranks 175th out of 177 nations in terms of economic development, almost half of all children under the age of 17 have no access to education, and approximately 60% of the population lives further than 45km away from the closest medical faculties.

Through its ‘I am connected’ programme, Mcel is establishing and donating schools, clinics and general community facilities to the most remote villages in Mozambique. By utilising sustainable green energy solutions, village dwellers who previously had no access to basic infrastructure, including electricity, are now connected to the ‘world’.

Best green network
Eco Naturalmente/Naturally Thinking Green (Mozambique Cellular SARL)

Mcel is a pioneer in thinking ‘green’ and an African leader in the proactive roll out of green power for mobile.

Mcel began exploring environmentally responsible ways of conducting its business long before CO2 regulations were even considered in Africa.

Eco Naturalmente Naturally Thinking Green was introduced in early 2007 with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions from the boardroom to the BTS. To date, by the introduction of 100% solar hybrid-powered GSM sites, annual CO2 emissions have been reduced by over 5 000t, with 7 000t targeted by the end of 2010.

Replacing conventional diesel-powered sites has not only resulted in Mcel being able to offer connectivity in remote locations outside the electricity grid, but also in OPEX savings of US$405 000 per annum at current oil prices and a CAPEX payback of around 12-months per site.



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